The Grumpy Programmer’s Introduction to Unit Testing

What if you could learn how to write tests from someone who has been using them for a long time and also knows how to explain it in a way that cuts down on the fear and anxiety while teaching you what you need to go to get started immediately?

In this full-day training, Chris will teach people the basics of writing tests using PHPUnit. Topics covered include:

  • high-level discussion of the role of testing
  • assertions
  • the Arrange-Act-Assert pattern
  • what a PHPUnit test file looks like and where to locate them
  • test doubles and when to use them
  • data providers
  • strategies for building test scenarios

Attendees will need the following: a laptop with PHP 7.2 (or whatever the most stable version is), the most recent stable version of PHPUnit installed, the latest stable version of Mockery, and be ready to actually write tests.

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