PHP on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the choice for running autoscaling, resilient applications in containers. Containers divorce applications from servers in the same way that virtual machines divorced servers from hardware a generation ago. We cover lessons learned in bringing our existing PHP stack onto Kubernetes.

This talk covers our experiences moving our PHP-based application stack onto Kubernetes from puppet-based virtual servers and embracing immutable infrastructure.

In the process, we:

  • improved scalability over several orders of magnitude
  • simplified reuse of infrastructure components for new services
  • enhanced our security posture
  • reduced system costs through aggressive autoscaling

In this talk, we will cover

  • Kubernetes concepts
  • Practical considerations when migrating to Kubernetes and Docker
  • How to configure and launch a PHP application in Docker and Kubernetes
  • How to handle scalability, deployments, cron jobs, and secret management
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